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buildingSMART Korea has been established at 1998.  buildingSMART Korea consists of 109 members, including 66 companies and 10 associations, 31 universities as March 31, 2009. buildingSMART KOREA aims to promote research and application of BIM in the KOREA building & construction field industry. 

  • Populating buildingSMART and BIM
  • Development of applied technology on buildingSMART and BIM
  • Establishing standards and development of buildingSMART and BIM
  • Collecting of material and spread on buildingSMART and BIM
  • Education on buildingSMART and BIM
  • Exchange with various research institutions and organizations
  • Hosting BIM related conferences and events
  • Publication of 'The BIM' journal

About buildingSMART KOREA

The activities of the association will be largely focused on three main axes: practical application research, securing element technology and organizational activities. The association plans to contribute to the activation of domestic BIM through short and long-term promotion plan, and by providing various policy proposals and participating in international standard activities, we will provide a foothold for active joint response to our rapidly changing environment.

buildingSMART KOREA Activity