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ITalab, the construction information research center of Kyung Hee University's Department of Architecture.

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Kyung Hee University's ITalab (Lab. for IT in A.E.C) was founded in 1996 to provide information and efficiency in the construction and construction sectors.
It is carrying out various research activities leading the domestic digital architecture and BIM.
The institute led the development of advanced digital architecture (design) technology for advanced digitalization and national competitiveness in the global era.
Currently, dozens of graduates of the institute have entered various fields, including architectural design offices, construction companies, construction IT companies, government research institutes (such as the Korea Institute of Construction Technology), government agencies, venture business operations, and academia, leading the excavation.The Italicization of BIM and Architecture, which has recently become the talk of the town
It is a future-oriented field where people can enjoy life together.

ITalab Projects

Automated code checking  

Development of automation technology and applied technology to evaluate the legality of architectural design based on open BIM


Development of DfMA Technology through BIM Design Automation

How to join ITalab

Recruitment of majors in architecture, architectural engineering, civil engineering

If you are interested in building/construction BIM, please do not hesitate to apply. It's a smart, future-oriented field where you can enjoy life together. 

Major Research Activities

- Development of automation technology and application technology based on open BIM for assessment of legality of architectural design (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
- iGrant: Solution for Automated Code Compliance Check in BIM (Singapore BCA)
- Development of AI-based automation technology for architectural design (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
- Development of a BIM-based licensing and design quality review system for mounting the stand (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
- Development of BIM Guidelines and Quality Management System for Tall Buildings (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
- Development of the Hanok BIM system (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
- Development of an open BIM-based energy performance evaluation system (Korea Research Foundation)
- Development of various BIM guidelines, including guidelines from the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and the Public Procurement Service
- Development of BIM Education Program for Building Smart Association

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